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1Hr Complimentary Consultation for New Clients

($75 Value).

Are you FRUSTRATED by shoeboxes full of of receipts?  Tired of trying to make sense of all that paperwork?  Hoping there's an easier way to get your books in order?  BNT Associates, LLC. can help you focus on growing your business by taking care of your record keeping for you.  Since 1989, small business have turned to BNT Associates, LLC.  to help them get organized. 

Benefit outsourcing your bookkeeping (you don't need a full time employee for these tasks).

We provide personal service (staying in contact with the customer full time).

We do specifically what you want us to do (as much or a little as you need keeping the books).


1Hr Complimentary Consultation for New Clients

($75 Value).

Do you have sleepless nights and are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out your payroll for your Employees?

Get on the right track of taking care of your Payroll, have BNT ASSOCIATES, LLC.  take away the stress so you can sleep at night and let your hair grow in by providing Payroll service for you.

BNT Associates,LLC. can perform many different Payroll tasks, including calculating wages and taxes, managing compensation and liabilities, and processing payments for employees.  BNT Associates, LLC. can make preparing you Payroll easier and help you stay compliant with changing Payroll Tax Laws.


BNT Associates, LLC. is a Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP)

Do you feel stressed at Tax Season?  Let BNT Associates, LLC. handle it for you.  We do Personal Returns, Sole Proprietor, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Partnerships and Estate Taxes.

Personal returns are done while you wait - right in front of you - so you have the added benefits of asking and answering questions while you are there.

You take your personal returns with you when you leave our office or have the returns Electronically Filed.

Business returns - One week turnaround with all information needed.

Income Tax Service by appointment only!

B.N.T. Associates, L.L.C.